Some of the pharmaceutical industry’s top human resources executives and the one of California’s most-respected county school superintendents will headline CCHF’s Back-to-School Kickoff and College & Career Fair on Saturday, August 15th. The free virtual event is designed to benefit youths and adults alike.


What will employment look like in the post-COVID-19 world? Register for this free virtual event and you will be able to hear top HR execs gaze into their crystal balls and share how they see things changing. Already confirmed are Cynthia Burks, Senior Vice President-HR for Genentech and Kate Scanlon, Head of Human Resources for Takeda’s Hemophilia Division. They will be the featured experts during “Careers in the New Normal,” a moderated panel discussion that will be the keynote session Saturday morning. This session will provide key insights into career strategies from some of the pharmaceutical industry’s top workforce development experts.


What can you expect when public schools restart in a few weeks? For that matter, will they restart? Will they be safe? Will they be sensitive to the unique needs of the bleeding disorders community? What can students and parents do to prepare for the schools of the future? You will be able to get answers to those questions and more during the afternoon plenary session featuring Gayle Garbolino-Mojica, Superintendent of Schools in Placer County. A former classroom teacher and school principal, Garbolino-Mojica has been county superintendent for XX years, overseeing urban, suburban and rural school districts in a diverse county that in many ways resembles CCHF’s 27-county service area.


In addition to the two plenary sessions, the Back-to-School Kickoff and College & Career Fair will offer nine sessions on a variety of topics ranging from career paths that don’t require degrees to how to write a winning resume—all of which are designed to help both young people and adults plan and prepare for their academic and professional futures. Go to the Back-to-School page under Events on this website to see the complete schedule. Just click on Calendar & Events at the top of this page.

The program will start at 9:30 a.m. and conclude at 2:30 p.m. You will be able to log in starting at 9 and, after the formal program concludes, we will keep the “room” open until 3 so you can visit online with friends. (Go to Calendar & Events to see the full schedule.) CCHF will provide a Kickoff Box that includes information and swag from sponsors as well as gift cards and other surprises for people who log in on time and remain logged in for the entire event--not to mention tickets for a prize drawing. We will also provide gift cards to people who have registered in advance and attend the entire session on the 15th. To qualify for a Kickoff Box and other special benefits, you must be a resident of CCHF’s service area, be 5 years of age or older, and must be registered by no later than midnight Friday, August 7th.

So, don’t wait! Click on the button below and get registered.


Our calendar of events has been a bit “fluid” lately, thanks to the corona virus pandemic. We apologize for any confusion.  The calendar page on this website has been updated and we will continue to do that as things change.


Since the extraordinary precautions against spread of the virus went into place the second week of March, CCHF has had to postpone, cancel or reschedule seven major events and convert activities to virtual.


Much as we all prefer to get together in person, things are not going to change very much in the near-term. Our recent survey of community members showed that about 70% of you are still somewhat uncomfortable with large gatherings. We are still evaluating what to do about several potential in-person events on our 2020 calendar.


These changes are not all negative. CCHF serves a 400-mile-long territory and no matter where we schedule an in-person event, it will be inconvenient for many people to attend. Using virtual technology eliminates this problem. More people can participate in our Educational Dinner series because they can do it from home instead of having to drive a long distance. And so far, the virtual dinners have been well-received.


Also, the National Hemophilia Foundation’s annual Bleeding Disorders Conference is virtual this year (August 1-8). So is the Hemophilia Federation of America’s annual Symposium (August 24-29). Because they are virtual, many more people can participate without having to climb on airplanes or pay for hotel rooms. Both are free and all are welcome. You can register by going to our Resources page and clicking on their logos.)

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