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January 20th
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Surf's Up! (Tri-tip too)

On Saturday, February 13th, come on down to the Elks Lodge in South Sacramento for CCHF’s annual Surf & Turf Crab Feed. Just like last year, you will get great food, lovingly prepared and delivered right to you personally, by great friends, in a fun and festive atmosphere.


Well, OK, there will be a few slight differences from last year’s event: You can’t stay and eat there. We will deliver the food to you curbside and you will take it home to enjoy. You’ll have to provide your own fun and festive atmosphere (functional car radio required). And you’ll have to come up with your own bucket for crab shells. But other than that, it will almost be just like usual.


So, you can still have fun and visit (briefly) with friends—when you drive up to get your dinners, curbside. And you can still enjoy great Dungeness crab and tasty BBQ tri-tip—not to mention salad, pasta, rolls and homemade cookies—all in the comfort of your own home and all for just $65 per person (ticket surcharge not included). And you can additionally purchase a whole cheesecake (quantities limited!), a crab claw cracker and crab forks.


Oh, and by the way, while you’re enjoying all that sumptuous food at the best table in the house, you will also be supporting all the great work CCHF does to support the community throughout the year.


The registration deadline is Monday, February 8th. Please don’t wait ‘til then. Register now! (Click on the button below.) Thanks!

Due March 2nd

CCHF Elects New Board President

Victoria Hubbert has been elected President of Central California Hemophilia Foundation’s Board of Directors.


Victoria was elected unanimously during CCHF’s Annual Meeting on January 5th. Under CCHF’s newly revised bylaws, she will serve as President for two years. Hubbert, who works for Landmark Medical, a company that provides home health care for people with multiple chronic conditions, has been active with CCHF for more than 20 years and on Board for two years.  Most recently, she chaired several committees, including Governance and Education & Advocacy. She also volunteers with the Child Mind Institute. She succeeds Sean Hubbert, a long-time board member and several-time CCHF President, who remains on the Board.


Three other officers were reelected to new two-year terms of office: Coryene Reyes, Vice President; Camillus Kerwin, Secretary; and Christina Duran, Treasurer. Other Board members reelected to new terms include: Brad Buchmiller, Claudia Chavez, Muriel Herr and Richard Uno. Elizabeth Santos is a newly elected Director. (See Board List)

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