Top Experts to Speak at

CCHF Industry Symposiuim

Dr. Leonard Valentino
Sharon Meyers
Lynne Kinst
Mark Drobny

In addition to the two plenary sessions featuring Dr. Leonard Valentino, CEO of National Hemophilia Foundation, and Sharon Meyers, CEO of Hemophilia Federation of America, this year’s CCHF Industry Symposium will offer some great breakout sessions providing information that is important for everyone in our bleeding disorders community.


The Industrial Symposium will take place virtually on Saturday, April 17th. The event is free, but advance registration is required.


What is happening at the State government level that could impact you your access to quality care. One of the breakout sessions will feature Lynne Kinst, Executive Director of Hemophilia Council of California, who will present “Born from Advocacy - A California Public Policy Update.” She will provide updates on health policy from the State Capitol and discuss how the Legislature is impacting your access to health care. She will also give us an update on HCC's recent Virtual Legislative Day and tell you how you can still participate and make your voice heard.


Another breakout session will feature well-known Sacramento estate-planning attorney Mark Drobny. What will happen to your home and possessions if something happens to you? How can you put your affairs in order so that your estate goes to your family and not the government? What do you want to have done if you are badly injured and unable to take care of things? Who do you want to have the authority to act on your behalf? What do you want done if there is little or no chance that you will recover from your injuries or illness? Mr. Drobny will answer these and other questions. And as an added bonus, he will offer one free hour of consultation with his law firm to anyone who attends the breakout session.

Yet another breakout session will focus on California Children's Services and the Genetically Handicapped Persons Program. Do you know what these programs are and how they can help people with bleeding disorders access quality health care? Have you ever had

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trouble applying or renewing your CCS or GHPP? Have you ever had difficulty finding a provider or had a treatment or medication denied? Learn more about how to make the most of these unique programs. “CCS and GHPP - Understanding the Alphabet Soup of CA Healthcare” will feature HCC Executive Director Lynne Kinst and focus on all those issues.


And those are just three of the one dozen breakout sessions we will be offering. The Symposium will start at 9:30 and wrap up by 3:30. People who register in advance, log in on time and remain logged in for the entire program will receive electronic gift cards from CCHF.


So, click on the button below and get registered now!

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