Takeda Presents:
Real Life. 
Real Bleed Protection

Join us on Zoom June 16, 2019 at 6:30 PM.


Takeda’s ADYNOVATE HEMiD program features a story from a real ADYNOVATE patient living with hemophilia A combined with a presentation from a Takeda Senior Clinical Specialist providing information about ADYNOVATE studies on prophylactic treatment.

Dive into real patient stories that showcase their lives and how hemophilia is just a part of it, not all of it.



Sharilyn Perea, BSN, RN

Senior Clinical Specialist

Brett S.

True ID Speaker


This program is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for the advice provided by your healthcare provider. 


Registrants will be emailed a Zoom link the day of the event.


CCHF does not provide gift cards for participating in Takeda branded events.  

We look forward to seeing you there! Please use the form below to register.

06.16.21 VIRTUAL, CA_HEMiD Digital Invit